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  • Google Latitude as GPS tracker for your images

    During my last holidays I usually used my Wintec G-Rays GPS tracker to record my track. That allowed me to later inject GPS data into my photos taken with a regular camera, thus giving me additional information such as city, region and country. I love having this stuff all automated and don’t want to have […]

  • Beautiful Code – A Collection Of Essays On Programing

    *Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think* is a book containing 33 essays by leading programers detailing how they think and work. This is a very special kind of book on coding as it breaks with common convention of having a main theme that is discussed through out the book. Instead it gives a more diversified view on coding. A review.

  • Fifteen

    Two years ago, I never even heard his name. Nowadays, after a nice introduction by my girlfriend Andrea, I cook by his books and watch his TV shows regularly: Jamie Oliver. One of his series (Jamie’s Kitchen) was about him grabbing fifteen underprivileged kids, giving them a complete chef education whilst building up the restaurant […]

  • London on Tube Strike

    Stansted is as far away from London as Lübeck is from Hamburg. It’s a shame that it’s called London-Stansted as you might think it’s just another airport near London. Instead you have to take a bus or the Stansted Express to London. That’ll add another £24 for an open return ticket (valid for one month […]

  • Going to London

    We started our tour early in the morning on wednesday going to Lübeck Blankensee Airport (LBC). Wow! What an airport! I’ve never seen such a small airport in the middle of nowhere. We arrived there at about seven o’clock as RyanAir asks you to check-in two hours ahead of schedule. Well, at Lübeck you don’t […]

  • Summer Tour 2004

    This year’s summer tour was of to Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia, Spain. Where we were from July, 1st until July 7th. My friend Claudio had invited us to his lovely home in the city centre of Jerez. So we had a great place to stay and the best local guide you could imagine! […]