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More and more #video on future visions pop…

More and more #video on future visions pop up through­out the web. Now #Microsoft has visu­al­ized it’s #vision. Very nice. I won­der what we think of this in #2020… (via +Manuel Stolte) Also watch this http://t.co/Tawyi6b

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EPIC 2014">EPIC 2014

At Our­me­dia, the all new “Media Blog­ging Sys­tem”, that allows to blog and store all kinds of media, I found this nice “vision of the hyper-converged future of media”. The short-movie visions a not-too-far future where an online-war between Microsoft and Google caused too much col­lat­eral dam­age: Clas­sic news-papers and press have almost van­ished and […]

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