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#Amnesty International: standing in for…

Amnesty Inter­na­tional: stand­ing in for free­dom for 50 years. Great #video http://vimeo.com/24146622

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Reshared post from Abraham Williams

Hilar­i­ous! A #must­watch #video on #Quan­tum­Le­vi­ta­tion. Abra­ham Williams orig­i­nally shared this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyOtIsnG71U

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Converting Videos for the AppleTV 2nd gen.

You’ve got your shiny new AppleTV, played around with it. Found you can watch all those great TED videos via its Pod­cast menu. And finally you start stream­ing all those videos from your desk­top com­puter. Well, for many of them it works well, but some just won’t play. Your AppleTV seems to start play­ing, but sud­denly stops while stat­ing “An error occurred load­ing this con­tent. Try again later”. Here is your solution.

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Tired of Bodyleasing?

Tausende IT-Profis lei­den unter prekären Arbeitsverhältnissen. Jetzt gibt es einen Ausweg.

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