Diving Spots in Thailand

Recent­ly I asked on Twit­ter “Plan­ning a trip to #Thai­land in Jan/Feb 2012. Will be back­pack­ing and learn div­ing. Any advice from fel­low #trav­el­ers or #lp ? ;)”. I got some great response! As I am deep into the ana­lyt­ics busi­ness, I quick­ly start­ed to ana­lyze the data I could get from all the tweets and derive some insight from it.

First thing I want­ed to know was where to go in Thai­land for div­ing. And also where to go to take div­ing lessons and get cer­ti­fied. The fol­low­ing dia­gram shows men­tions on where to Learn Div­ing (blue) and where to Go Div­ing (green).

It is obvi­ous, that Ko Tao, togeth­er with near­by Ko Nang Yuan, is leader of the pack. Most answers some­how men­tioned Ko Tao as the place to go for div­ing and Ko Nang Yuan as secret tip near­by for even bet­ter expe­ri­ence.

At these places the fol­low­ing div­ing schools where rec­om­mend­ed:

Koh Tao

Ko Nang Yuan is men­tioned to have free lodg­ing when you get cer­ti­fied for div­ing here.

Those hot spots where fol­lowed by

This is great insight and a good start­ing point for fur­ther trip plan­ning. I’ll fur­ther ana­lyze the data from Twit­ter and post the results here. Looks like it will be a great way to start with ask­ing at Twit­ter for plan­ning a trip.

Cheers again, Alexan­der

Update: I found an inter­est­ing post on Scu­ba Div­ing: Koh Ha. It rec­om­mends GoDive Ko Lan­ta as div­ing base.