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Diving Spots in Thailand

Recently I asked on Twitter “Planning a trip to #Thailand in Jan/Feb 2012. Will be backpacking and learn diving. Any advice from fellow #travelers or #lp ? ;)”. I got some great [response](/travel/planning-a-trip-to-thailand-–-starting-on-twitter/)! As I am deep into the analytics business, I quickly started to analyze the data I could get from all the tweets and derive some insight from it.

First thing I wanted to know was where to go in Thailand for diving. And also where to go to take diving lessons and get certified. The following diagram shows mentions on where to _Learn Diving_ (blue) and where to _Go Diving_ (green).

It is obvious, that Ko Tao, together with nearby Ko Nang Yuan, is leader of the pack. Most answers somehow mentioned Ko Tao as the place to go for diving and Ko Nang Yuan as secret tip nearby for even better experience.

At these places the following diving schools where recommended:

___Koh Tao___

* Bans resort
* Big Blue Diving
* Crystal Dive
* Easy Divers
* Sairee Cottage Diving
* Sunshine Divers

Ko Nang Yuan is mentioned to have _free lodging_ when you get certified for diving here.

Those hot spots where followed by

* Ko Phi Phi (with a hint on cave diving)
* Similan Islands (Wicked Diving)
* Krabi
* Ko Samet
* Ko Samui
* Phuket (Calypso Divers)
* Khao Lak (Wicked Diving)
* Ko Libong

This is great insight and a good starting point for further trip planning. I’ll further analyze the data from Twitter and post the results here. Looks like it will be a great way to start with asking at Twitter for planning a trip.

Cheers again,

Update: I found an interesting post on [Scuba Diving: Koh Ha]( It recommends [GoDive Ko Lanta]( as diving base.