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London on Tube Strike

Stansted is as far away from Lon­don as Lübeck is from Ham­burg. It’s a shame that it’s called London-Stansted as you might think it’s just another air­port near Lon­don. Instead you have to take a bus or the Stansted Express to Lon­don. That’ll add another £24 for an open return ticket (valid for one month […]

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Summer Tour 2004

This year’s sum­mer tour was of to Jerez de la Fron­tera in Andalu­cia, Spain. Where we were from July, 1st until July 7th. My friend Clau­dio had invited us to his lovely home in the city cen­tre of Jerez. So we had a great place to stay and the best local guide you could imag­ine! Actual […]

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