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Besides the cool content #google ‘s Think Quarterly has also very cool interface and makes good u…

Besides the cool con­tent #google ‘s Think Quar­terly has also very cool inter­face and makes good use of #html5 and stuff like that. Nice one! Cre­ativ­ity | Think Quar­terly by Google Think Quar­terly: The Creativity Issue

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Reshared post from Mark Essel

Won­der­ful pre­sen­ta­tion on #web8 stuff (#html5 + #css3 + #js) Mark Essel orig­i­nally shared this post: Bleed­ing Edge HTML5 was bizarro world cool Finally got a chance to read through the Bleed­ing Edge HTML5 from +Paul Kin­lan, +Eric Bidel­man and friends. Great stuff, hop­ing to track down a handy repo if it’s cool. Would be worth­while rebuild­ing it […]

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