Besides the cool content #google ‘s Think Quarterly has also very cool interface and makes good u…

Besides the cool con­tent #google ‘s Think Quar­ter­ly has also very cool inter­face and makes good use of #html5 and stuff like that. Nice one!

Cre­ativ­i­ty | Think Quar­ter­ly by Google

Think Quar­ter­ly: The Cre­ativ­i­ty Issue

EPIC 2014

At Our­me­dia, the all new “Media Blog­ging Sys­tem”, that allows to blog and store all kinds of media, I found this nice “vision of the hyper-con­verged future of media”. The short-movie visions a not-too-far future where an online-war between Microsoft and Google caused too much col­lat­er­al dam­age: Clas­sic news-papers and press have almost van­ished and giv­en space for auto­mat­i­cal­ly com­put­er-cre­at­ed yel­low-press online-“information”.