This image below is not a photo — it’s actually a 3D rendering. Check out our collection of some of…

This image below is not a pho­to — it’s actu­al­ly a 3D ren­der­ing. Check out our col­lec­tion of some of the most real­is­tic 3D ren­der­ings ever cre­at­ed:

Which is your favorite?

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This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos

This sto­ry about a wear­able patch keep­ing #mos­qui­tos away sounds inter­est­ing. I couldn’t find much more in-depth report­ing on this, so I won­der if any­one can com­ment on this as a pos­si­ble alter­na­tive to DEET.

A mos­qui­to can detect the car­bon diox­ide ema­nat­ing from a prospec­tive meal from hun­dreds of feet away. The Kite Patch, a small, non-tox­ic stick­er that you place on your cloth­ing, can jam a mosquito’s CO2 radar. Wear one, the patch’s cre­ators say, and you’ll be effec­tive­ly invis­i­ble to the blood­suck­ers for up to 48 hours.

Mac & i — Ausprobiert: Sichere WhatsApp-Alternative Threema

Etwas gutes hat #Prism ja, endlich füllt sich die Liste der Kon­tak­te in #Three­ma. Ob wohl bald auch alle einen S/MIME- oder PGP-Schlüs­sel haben?

Three­ma unter iOS. Ver­größern Bild: Her­steller Es geht darum, dass der Mes­sen­ger Three­ma von Kasper Sys­tems aus der Schweiz auf ver­schiedene Weisen um Ver­trauen wirbt. Darum, dass die kom­plette Kom­mu­nika­tion Ende-zu-Ende-Ver­schlüs­selt ist und damit (ver­meintlich) sich­er vor irgendwelchen …