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Reshared post from Jeff Jarvis

It is extremely important for our society to stand in for freedom of speech and information and to not give in to purely commercial driven motives.

There must not be any censorship of any Internet communications whatsoever! There are sufficient laws in place in almost any country in the world to enforce publishers' rights. No need for anything else.

What we really need are entrepreneurs with new ideas and business models to adapt to the evolving markets. Let go of old-fashioned business models. Listen to the consumer!

Jeff Jarvis originally shared this post:

EU Court of Justice strikes down an anti-piracy law that would have required ISPs to filter all content, arguing that intellectual property rights are not absolute and must be balanced against other rights, including a business' ability to operate and the protection of users' personal data and "their freedom to receive or impart information" (aka freedom of speech).
The law "could potentially undermine freedom of information since that system might not distinguish adequately between unlawful content and lawful content, with the result that its introduction could lead to the blocking of lawful communications."
A victory for freedom.

Text of ruling at link below: