Nice one! New #sourcetree #git and #mercurial front-end for #osx available. Some great improvemen…

Nice one! New #source­tree #git and #mer­cu­r­ial front-end for #osx avail­able. Some great improve­ments includ­ed like sub­mod­ule and sub­repos­i­to­ry sup­port, find­er inte­gra­tion and – my favorite – a com­mand-line tool. A must-have for me as #eclipse still lacks appro­pri­ate git sup­port.

Source­Tree Release Notes

Source­Tree 1.3.0 — New Major Release! New appli­ca­tion icon! the Source­Tree icon has a brand new look for 2012, hope you like it! Sub­mod­ule and sub­repos­i­to­ry sup­port. Con­fig­ure sub­repos­i­to­ries and subm…

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