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OS X Lion How to place Dictionary definitions higher up on Spotlight results

I finally found an answer to a question that arose with OS X Lion: How to place Dictionary definitions higher up on Spotlight results?

I was quite used to quickly open #Spotlight  via cmd-space and type in a word I needed a definition or translation for. Before #Lion   those definitions showed up at the top of Spotlight’s results list and I could reach them with a single cursor down to reveal the details. Sadly #Apple  decided to place those definitions at the bottom of Spotlight’s results, having users go through the whole list to finally reach the definition. They also decided users must not have the ability the revert to the old behavior by re-ordering Spotlight’s results in control panel – which would have been easy.

All this effectively rendered #Dictionary  useless on Lion and it still kept being useless on #MountainLion . The referenced article from StackExchange finally presents the solution to this problem. It’s easy and just gives back the power to decide by himself where to place dictionary definitions to the user.

How to place Dictionary definitions higher up in spotlight results

I used to use spotlight fairly frequently to quickly look up words in a dictionary. With Lion, I’ve noticed that my dictionary results have dropped down much lower in the list of results: I’d like to…