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GPS tracker for your images">Google Latitude as GPS tracker for your images

Dur­ing my last hol­i­days I usu­ally used my Win­tec G-Rays GPS tracker to record my track. That allowed me to later inject GPS data into my phở­tos taken with a reg­u­lar cam­era, thus giv­ing me addi­tional infor­ma­tion such as city, region and coun­try. I love hav­ing this stuff all auto­mated and don’t want to have […]

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Converting Videos for the AppleTV 2nd gen.

You’ve got your shiny new AppleTV, played around with it. Found you can watch all those great TED videos via its Pod­cast menu. And finally you start stream­ing all those videos from your desk­top com­puter. Well, for many of them it works well, but some just won’t play. Your AppleTV seems to start play­ing, but sud­denly stops while stat­ing “An error occurred load­ing this con­tent. Try again later”. Here is your solution.

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