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42 days — a photo project

A col­league of mine one day sug­gested that we start a photo com­pe­ti­tion. That com­pe­ti­tion would last 42 days and every con­tes­tant should add one photo a day to a pub­lic album. All phở­tos have to be taken on the exact day and must be uploaded until 12 a.m. the next day. Add any photo […]

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London in August 2008

Pic­tures of my team’s trip to Lon­don in August 2008.

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Gunter Dueck at next08

Gunter Dueck held an intox­i­cat­ing speech about rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy and econ­omy at next08 con­fer­ence. He places empha­sis on how to pre­pare the ground for inno­va­tions to become a mar­ket suc­cess and show how wrong are all these geeks from Skype & Co. are — but only because of their tim­ing. Have fun! This Browser does not […]

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Endless Explorer crashes on Vista

This issue took me a whole week to fig­ure it out: It all started when I down­loaded a file from the web to my desk­top using Fire­fox. Dur­ing the down­load the Explorer (not the Inter­net Explorer) “stopped work­ing” (that was the mes­sage Vista gave me) and was restarted by the sys­tem. I thought “Ok — […]

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EPIC 2014">EPIC 2014

At Our­me­dia, the all new “Media Blog­ging Sys­tem”, that allows to blog and store all kinds of media, I found this nice “vision of the hyper-converged future of media”. The short-movie visions a not-too-far future where an online-war between Microsoft and Google caused too much col­lat­eral dam­age: Clas­sic news-papers and press have almost van­ished and […]

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Two years ago, I never even heard his name. Nowa­days, after a nice intro­duc­tion by my girl­friend Andrea, I cook by his books and watch his TV shows reg­u­larly: Jamie Oliver. One of his series (Jamie’s Kitchen) was about him grab­bing fif­teen under­priv­i­leged kids, giv­ing them a com­plete chef edu­ca­tion whilst build­ing up the restaurant […]

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London on Tube Strike

Stansted is as far away from Lon­don as Lübeck is from Ham­burg. It’s a shame that it’s called London-Stansted as you might think it’s just another air­port near Lon­don. Instead you have to take a bus or the Stansted Express to Lon­don. That’ll add another £24 for an open return ticket (valid for one month […]

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Going to London

We started our tour early in the morn­ing on wednes­day going to Lübeck Blankensee Air­port (LBC). Wow! What an air­port! I’ve never seen such a small air­port in the mid­dle of nowhere. We arrived there at about seven o’clock as RyanAir asks you to check-in two hours ahead of sched­ule. Well, at Lübeck you don’t […]

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Summer Tour 2004

This year’s sum­mer tour was of to Jerez de la Fron­tera in Andalu­cia, Spain. Where we were from July, 1st until July 7th. My friend Clau­dio had invited us to his lovely home in the city cen­tre of Jerez. So we had a great place to stay and the best local guide you could imag­ine! Actual […]

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