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GPS tracker for your images">Google Latitude as GPS tracker for your images

Dur­ing my last hol­i­days I usu­ally used my Win­tec G-Rays GPS tracker to record my track. That allowed me to later inject GPS data into my phở­tos taken with a reg­u­lar cam­era, thus giv­ing me addi­tional infor­ma­tion such as city, region and coun­try. I love hav­ing this stuff all auto­mated and don’t want to have […]

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Yet another example for why we don’t need…

Yet another exam­ple for why we don’t need clas­sic #TV any­more: This hilar­i­ous video is taken from a Ger­man TV show. Up until a few years, I would have had to watch the whole 2 hours of that show, filled with mean­ing­less crap. Now I just get the ‘best of’ at YouTube (or Vimdeo, or […]

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Reshared post from Abraham Williams

Hilar­i­ous! A #must­watch #video on #Quan­tum­Le­vi­ta­tion. Abra­ham Williams orig­i­nally shared this post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyOtIsnG71U

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Wow, #skype really wants to lose more users…

Wow, #skype really wants to lose more users. The new UI grew even big­ger. Guys make it smaller again! Like the old ver­sion you’re show­ing on your ‘Instant Mes­sag­ing’ page. I just need a small con­tacts lists, noth­ing more. What’s the use for these huge con­tact images? Please #microsoft, sell it and let it get […]

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Reshared post from Ken Yeung

Awe­some move! How come peo­ple tend to only find out how much they admired peo­ple after those people’s death? Would be great to also see awe­some stuff like this for remark­able peo­ple still alive. Ken Yeung orig­i­nally shared this post: It’s the morn­ing after the death of Steve Jobs. Seems like the world is in morn­ing since the […]

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The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect


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Cool idea! I would immediately buy this…

Cool idea! I would imme­di­ately buy this for my bike. LED light­ing sys­tem for bicy­cle wheels to rev­o­lu­tion­ize safety | Spring­wise Cal­i­forn­ian start-up Revo­lights are plan­ning to rev­o­lu­tion­ize safety for cyclists with their bike light­ing system.

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Never expect #amazon performance when you…

Never expect #ama­zon per­for­mance when you order at @nbbilliger. Eta 10 days. 12 days passed with­out notice now… #fail

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If you ever need some #coconut #milk and…

If you ever need some #coconut #milk and the only thing in the store you can find is that one on the photo below: don’t buy it! It’s just sugar – loads of it. That thing killed my curry tonight.

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Rember #backtothefuture trilogy with Michael…

Rem­ber #back­tothe­fu­ture tril­ogy with Michael J. Fox from the 80s? Seen it, loved it? Ok, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yiSdjwi_bg

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