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Finally an app to consolidate them all……

Finally and app to con­sol­i­date them all… Have all your #gmail, #face­book, #linkedin, what­ever con­tacts in one place. Still a bit of work to do, but already promis­ing! #xobni #smarter Smartr: Your smarter address book is wait­ing. By the peo­ple who brought you Xobni. Smartr auto­mat­i­cally cre­ates an address book using all your emails. Now […]

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Great news! #Lightroom 4 provides direct…

Great news! #Light­room 4 pro­vides direct link to #Blurb for pub­lish­ing books. Light­room 4 Pub­lic Beta: What’s New: Dig­i­tal Phở­tog­ra­phy Review Light­room 4 intro­duces Process Ver­sion (PV) 2012. What’s a process ver­sion and why should you care? Well, it’s the image pro­cess­ing engine behind Light­room (and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Ra…

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The one must-have #screenshot addition for…

The one must-have #screen­shot addi­tion for #osx. Usu­ally you won’t need any screen­shot tools on osx as it does a fairly good job using cmd-shift-3/-4 for gen­er­at­ing screen­shots in pdf or png for­mats. What makes Screen­shot PSD great is that it stores screen­shots as psd and while pre­serv­ing all objects on screen, like the Dock […]

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Reshared post from Christoph Bauer

This #video is a #must­see. Great expla­na­tion on #moti­va­tion vs #incen­tives. Christoph Bauer orig­i­nally shared this post: If you do not already know the RSA Ani­mate series, you should start watch­ing them now. All of them.

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Reshared post from Jeff Jarvis

It is extremely impor­tant for our soci­ety to stand in for free­dom of speech and infor­ma­tion and to not give in to purely com­mer­cial dri­ven motives. There must not be any cen­sor­ship of any Inter­net com­mu­ni­ca­tions what­so­ever! There are suf­fi­cient laws in place in almost any coun­try in the world to enforce pub­lish­ers’ rights. No […]

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Reshared post from Dan Soto

Just great #video! Awe­some! Dan Soto orig­i­nally shared this post: 1) Click the link below2) Click “Play“3) Watch the awe­some­ness4) Share Link: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/077/2/e/Animator_vs__Animation_by_alanbecker.swf

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Cool #automation system for your #Dropbox…

Cool #automa­tion sys­tem for your #Drop­box. Can do #IFTTT like actions for trig­gers set in your Drop­box account. Like ‘if I put a photo into the phở­tos folder in Drop­box, upload it to FlickR and also post an update to Twit­ter’. TechCrunch | Drop­box Automa­tor Is Like IFTTT For Drop­box Thirty-six hours ago, the recently […]

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CSS3 transition animations. Demo…">Wonderful #CSS3 transition animations. Demo…

Won­der­ful #CSS3 tran­si­tion ani­ma­tions. Demo and source avail­able, too. Exper­i­men­tal CSS3 Ani­ma­tions for Image Tran­si­tions Today we want to share some exper­i­men­tal 3D image tran­si­tions with you that use CSS3 ani­ma­tions and jQuery. We’ll be using CSS3 3D Trans­forms for Webkit only.

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Very helpful RegEx tester for Java. Not…

Very help­ful RegEx tester for Java. Not only gives matches, but also info on groups found and what they con­tain. Saved me hours of try­ing back-and-forth. RegEx: online reg­u­lar expres­sion test­ing Expres­sion to test. Reg­u­lar expres­sion: Options: Force canon­i­cal equiv­a­lence [CANON_EQ]; Case insen­si­tive [CASE_INSENSITIVE] (i flag); Allow com­ments in regex [COMMENTS] (x flag); Dot matches […]

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Reshared post from Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik orig­i­nally shared this post: [via +Rand Fishkin] The two (and only two) ways Microsoft can sur­vive the phone wars. It is rare that I read an entire arti­cle (I know it sounds lame) AND pretty much every embed­ded link. But this one is really that good. Please con­sider read­ing it if you want some insights […]

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