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Just one week after I had to completely rebuild my video project in #fcpx #apple finally offers t…

Just one week after I had to com­pletely rebuild my video project in #fcpx #apple finally offers the update that includes recon­nect func­tion­al­ity for media. Great. One week late, though…

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Nice one! New #sourcetree #git and #mercurial front-end for #osx available. Some great improvemen…

Nice one! New #source­tree #git and #mer­cu­r­ial front-end for #osx avail­able. Some great improve­ments included like sub­mod­ule and sub­repos­i­tory sup­port, finder inte­gra­tion and – my favorite – a command-line tool. A must-have for me as #eclipse still lacks appro­pri­ate git sup­port. Source­Tree Release Notes Source­Tree 1.3.0 — New Major Release! New appli­ca­tion icon! the SourceTree […]

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Paypal Does it Again

Pay­pal Does it Again This morn­ing I received a very short, very terse tele­phone call from a lady called Francine, who works for Pay­Pal. Francine informed me that the Pay­Pal account asso­ci­ated with Behind The Sofa had take…

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Posterous acquired by Twitter

Pos­ter­ous acquired by Twit­ter Pos­ter­ous is Join­ing the Flock at Twit­ter Big news: Pos­ter­ous has been acquired by Twit­ter! The oppor­tu­ni­ties in front of Twit­ter are excit­ing, and we couldn’t be hap­pier about bring­ing our team’s exper­tise to a prod­uct that reaches hundreds …

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GPS tracker for your images">Google Latitude as GPS tracker for your images

Dur­ing my last hol­i­days I usu­ally used my Win­tec G-Rays GPS tracker to record my track. That allowed me to later inject GPS data into my phở­tos taken with a reg­u­lar cam­era, thus giv­ing me addi­tional infor­ma­tion such as city, region and coun­try. I love hav­ing this stuff all auto­mated and don’t want to have […]

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More #fun #parking your #car! Go to #Paris! :)

More #fun #park­ing your #car! Go to #Paris!

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Besides the cool content #google ‘s Think Quarterly has also very cool interface and makes good u…

Besides the cool con­tent #google ‘s Think Quar­terly has also very cool inter­face and makes good use of #html5 and stuff like that. Nice one! Cre­ativ­ity | Think Quar­terly by Google Think Quar­terly: The Creativity Issue

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25 Incredibly Lucky Photographs Of Animals

25 Incred­i­bly Lucky Phở­tographs Of Ani­mals 25 Incred­i­bly Lucky Phở­tographs Of Ani­mals: Some of these are incred­i­bly skill­ful and well-planned; oth­ers are just one-in-a-million s…

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TippExperience Part 2 — hilarious!

Tipp­Ex­pe­ri­ence Part 2 — hilar­i­ous! Tippexperience2 — YouTube They’re back with a surprise guest…

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Earth Hour 2012

The WWF built a nice site illus­trat­ing cur­rent issues con­cern­ing our food and how we pro­duce it. It’s worth a view from an eco­log­i­cal per­spec­tive, as well as from a web­site designer’s and developer’s perspective.

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